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Latisse, the Lash Growth Drug - I Tried It! {StyleList (Main)}

Apr 19th 2010 7:49AM

I am satisfied with the eyelash length and thickness I achieve from a bottle of mascara. I have rather puny eyelashes, but I find that it has more to do with how you apply it, how much you apply and the direction you pull the wand than whether or not your lashes are long. I cannot apply mascara to my sister's (LONG) lashes because my technique makes her look like a showgirl. She has to put in on herself because she knows her own "grass-like" lashes. However, it makes me wonder, looking at the pictures of Ms. Gold, if Latisse work on eyebrows. I have sad little eyebrows that could really use a thickener. I would buy this product if I could get better brows from it.

Oh, for a laugh, do a search for "Lashisse" (don't worry, it's readily available on Google.). It's a Funny or Die spoof of this product and pretty funny if you're familiar with Latisse commercials and side effects!

Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon: You're Cut Off! {PopEater}

Mar 4th 2010 6:44PM

After all that surgery, she still looks so painfully average. I'd say the surgeon did a fantastic job if she originally looked like a 60-year old Tori Spelling, but she's 23 and looks 45. Oof!

'Brady Bunch' Reunion Nixed Over Feud {PopEater}

Mar 1st 2010 10:36AM

Oh, Jan!

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