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Jeff Goldblum Leaves 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent' {AOL TV}

Aug 4th 2010 6:53PM

I don't think Wolf got rid of Vincent. Vincent most likely left because he wanted to explore new roles.

30 Hurt on Turbulent United Flight {AOL Travel News}

Jul 21st 2010 6:58PM

Kelly, I have actually been in the lavatory when there was turbulence. I actually think you are somewhat safer since it is a small space and you can't move very far - unlike in the seating area without a seatbelt. Plus, you couldn't be hit by other passengers being thrown around the craft. As mentioned in the article, people flew all around. You wouldn't be able to do that if you were in the lavatory. But of course, it could be possible to be shot up in the air and hit your head. I am not sure if that is possible and cannot remember how high the "ceiling" is in the lavatory.

30 Hurt on Turbulent United Flight {AOL Travel News}

Jul 21st 2010 6:39PM

George, I was thinking of that film too and thought it should be require viewing for any parent contemplating traveling with a baby/child on their lap.

I commend all of you who have stressed the need to keep your seatbelt buckled all the time you are in your seat. I am sure many of the injured were not buckled in.

This article serves as a reminder to all who fly. I hope you will listen to the flight attendants closely the next time you fly.

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