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Idaho Planned Community, The Citadel, Would Require Everyone to Bear Arms {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 20th 2013 11:10AM

Not all of us from Idaho are wacka doos. So please do not lump us together. I am curious as to naturally occurring neighborly disputes will be worked out....a shootout at high noon? And, Halloween could be fun....Here little Johnny, have a 32 calibre pistol. Larry

Sandra Bullock's Evolving Style (PHOTOS) {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 26th 2011 10:21AM

To me, she has timeless beauty. Whoever she chooses will be a lucky man indeed because her beauty is much more than skin deep. Larry

George Lopez buys championship rings for L.A. school's baseball team {Celestrellas}

Jun 11th 2011 9:31AM

Hat's off. Cannot say enough good things. We need to hear more of these types of stories and less about negative people like Ms. Hilton, etc. Larry

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