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Mr. T: 'A-Team' Is 'Too Graphic,' 'Nothing Like' Original {PopEater}

Jun 9th 2010 5:55PM

THANK YOU Mr T for standing up against all the garbage that goes into films. It is a shame that there are enough people that enjoy seeing violence and filth to make money for money for movies that are full of that. But what is it saying about our society and the way our young people's minds are being formed... They are being desensitized to things that should shock them, making them lose empathy in the real world. It's all very sad for our society.

Animal Abuser Registry Proposed in California {Politics Daily}

Feb 22nd 2010 9:35PM

"those who purposely abuse animals are quite likely to become violent offenders later in life. It's a good way to track those are at a high risk for committing violent crimes." Uh hello....if they are animal abusers they are ALREADY committing a violent crime!!

Free housing deals for Salvation Army officers create image problem {WalletPop}

Jan 28th 2010 4:02PM

I never give to Salvation Army.. the reason is when I needed help when I ended up alone with three children and no stove or furniture in the house, no food, nothing, (long story) they wouldn't do a thing to help me...all they did was tell me to go to the Salvation Army store and pay full price for what I needed. They were very rude about it and couldn't be bothered. So now that I am in a good time in my life, I would not donate a penny to them. I donate to more reputable organizations.

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