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For First-Time Homebuyers: How to Dodge 5 Costly Rookie Mistakes {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 6th 2013 4:47PM

When I was 20 and newly married to another 20 year old we bought a house. My Aunt was the realtor(never trust a relative) Upon move in day and getting the gas turned on I found out the house was not livable. It had to be completly plumbed for gas and then rewried for electrical. a total of almost $9,000 to do that and in the mean time we were ready to sleep there tht night and had no where to go while all this work was going on. So we moved in with my in laws for almost 2 weeks. So my point is GET A HOUSE INSPECTED by a reputable inspector.

New Look of Public Housing Debuts in Milwaukee {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 15th 2013 12:13PM

Are you really Sarah Palin?

World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 26th 2013 9:16AM

This daughter needs to be horse whipped. How dare her treat her fasther like this not to mention her sick brother. SHe hs no honor and no shame. How very sad that she is so greedy she feels the need to do this before he dies. It would be bad enough to take his home and kick her brother out after the father dies but while he is living is lower then low.

There are som esmart people out there and I can only pray that someone comes up with a plan to keep Mr. Potter and his son in thier home.

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