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Is Madonna Courting a New Boy Toy? {PopEater}

Feb 9th 2010 3:55PM

We only go around this world once. Even though Madonna has never been an all time favorite of mine, she should live her life the way she's always lived it, her way. She still looks good, so why not grab her a fine young man to fill her time. It's natural for people to want beautiful things in their lives, so leave her to what she finds beautiful.

Milli Vanilli, the Real Story -- 20 Years Later {PopEater}

Jan 29th 2010 5:22PM

I mentioned who the vocalist were. You can find all the facts on line. Like I did..

Milli Vanilli, the Real Story -- 20 Years Later {PopEater}

Jan 29th 2010 5:04PM

I found this out. The group was developed by Frank Farian. vocals were Charles Shaw, Brad Howell, and three more. Frank needed someone with gobal appeal, enter Fab and Rob. The album "All or Nothing" came out in 1988 with no mention of who sang the songs. Arista records picked them up. Everything seem to be fine untill the record stuck. Farian confessed on 11-12-1990 that it was fake. What followed; 26 lawsuits, public humilation, and the fact that even after 20 years, they will never be able to move on from this. To hear "Hey, your that guy that pretended to sing, Yea! it is you!!!

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