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Tim Tebow to Appear in Controversial Super Bowl Ad {PopEater}

Jan 30th 2010 12:54AM

It is a very sad day in this country when so many of you are so envious of how sucessful Tim Tebow has been in his life. Do you think he has gotten to where he has without many hours of physical sweat and mantal anguish to try to be the best he can be? Does this just happen without working for it?. He also has had to deal with so many people that hate the name of God and therefore resent him because he stands for Christ & his principles. I'm going to the Senior Bowl tomorrow just to see him play. God is in control of his life and he will put him where he wants him to be. Praise God for this fine Christian man. He brings us fans real joy to see a Christian athlete put scriptures on his face and play his heart out for us. He's not into drugs, killing people or animals, or alchol and sex, he is a REAL man of God. He makes almost all A's in school and is very busy doing missionary work for God. One day we will all have to bow down before God and answer to him what we did for the Lord. What will you say? People hated Jesus and talked about him but he will be here soon to receive the dead in Christ and the rest of us will be caught up in the air with him. Where will Tim Tebow be? Where will you be that hate him so bad? Read John 3:16 to see how much God loves you and Tim Tebow.

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