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Italian-American Groups 'Outraged' at 'Jersey Shore' Move {PopEater}

Jan 27th 2011 1:40PM

Lets hope that some Mafioso types kidnap all of them and dump them down into Mt Etna. You people who live to watch this idiotic show need to get your brains checked and your IQ raised! Total insispid crap!

Welcome to the Whitest Oscars in Ten Years {PopEater}

Jan 27th 2011 1:03PM

Too bad so many need to perceive the Oscars or any other event with the race element. Why can't it just be viewed as a down year for 'black' movies? They'll be back next year and hopefully somehting will be worthy of oscar status. IMHO, blacks have been well represented in US cinema over past 20 years. Some won't be satisfied until majority of movies have black leads or are done in an urban setting. MEanwhile someone actually needs to write these screenplays with those elements which will get Halle Berry or Fishburne or Djimon Hounsou up on stage holding trophy. Stop going through life with a "Race" scorecard, your beating yourself with it.

Watch: Pink Gets Wet for Grammy Performance {PopEater}

Feb 1st 2010 12:11AM

Finally, someone who gets it!

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