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Arizona Man Loses 46 Years of Memories After Slip and Fall {AOL Health}

Apr 25th 2010 6:45AM

How is it that one coment about the poor guy who has no memory of his life get started on Democrats and Republicans how uncaring you people can be, but if it was you oh my God where my sympthy I cant remember anything and to the idiot who thinks that he is a moran cuz he slipped in the bathroom cuz the floor was wet well open your eyes it can and does happen especially if the cleaning crew just cleaned the bathroom. I beleive that if everyone would think about what they are goin to say or coment about nobody would sound as stupid as all of you did in these comments and if you cant say something nice or caring shut your trap cuz the rest of us dont want to hear it.

Tom Cruise Involved in Motorcycle Crash? {PopEater}

Mar 7th 2010 7:34PM

I truly agree whats wrong with people now a days soooooo rude and uncaring it doesnt matter if you dont like Tom Cruise hes human just like you so be nice or shut up!!!!!!!!!

Gene Simmons Sued Over Alleged Shopping Mall Attack {Spinner}

Feb 27th 2010 1:13AM

I think its takes a lot of guts to intrude on Genes personal time during his holiday shopping or whenever he goes anywhere just because hes famous you uncaring idiots have to bother him and then to get personal with questions youre lucky that Gene didnt accuse you of harrassing him in public which is against the law in most states so you who took pictures and asked personal questions got exactly what was coming to you so stop hiding behind a law suit just because Gene is famous and you cant or wont admit your wrong doing and furthermore I do also hope Gene countersues you for invasion of his privacy which we are all entitled to famous or not!!!!!!!!!

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