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Lady Gaga Calls Greyson Chance on 'Ellen' {PopEater}

May 13th 2010 9:52PM

This boy is awesome, and I can see him be a singer he can really go places. Lady GaGa loved him and what he did on Youtube, that was so nice that she called and talked to him. Lady GaGa really loves her fans.

Whoever you are boy and wherever you are keep in being talented and singing and playing piano. Don't stop the dream you are dreaming and the places you are trying and wanting to get to in life.

Found! Frankie Muniz a Drummer in Phoenix Band {PopEater}

Feb 19th 2010 9:29AM

I wasn't a big fan of him but until he did movies then I became one, he has changed so much through the years and is looking good.
I like that pic of him behind the drums, I see him as a drummer it sounds like a good change. There isn't nothing wrong with trying out a new occupation. Go Frankie! Rock out!
I'll remember him as an actor and former pro race car driver which is awesome, that must have been some major adrenaline. :->

Johnny Weir 'Loves Wearing Dead Animals,' Calls Animal Rights Activists 'Crazy Fur People' {StyleList (Main)}

Feb 18th 2010 8:56AM

I have read the other article about him wearing the white fur on the other outfit. It is wrong is many ways to even think to put fur onto clothes no matter what kind even real fur. I love animals and would not hurt them and would not want others to either. Don't want to be a fan of this skater since I think he's a person who discriminates animals, if you want to wear something then make it without any animal parts. Johnny I'm not a fan of you because of this situation and would not be even if you were an american.

Respect animals in every way.

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