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DIY Coolness: A Hot Tub in the Living Room? That's How Matthew Cole Rolls {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 27th 2012 3:53PM

Matt; Hope you added a De-Humidifier to the room too...otherwise you'll be trying to think of some cool things to do when the drywall and ceiling come tumbling down....! Oil based paint, exhaust fan, would be a good thing too...

A Journey To The Hottest Place On Earth: Dallol Ethiopia {Gadling}

May 31st 2012 3:36PM

`Hottest Place on Earth' ,yet nowhere in this article does the writer mention the temperature extremes of this location.
What a sharp little literary Marble you are... !!!

Wedding's Off for Hugh Hefner: 'Crystal Has Had a Change of Heart' {PopEater}

Jun 14th 2011 6:24PM

More likely she found out she was marrying the DEVIL!!! What's your soul worth.... ???

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