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Maggie Griffin Talks About Daughter Kathy, Her New Book, Betty White and More {AOL TV}

Jul 1st 2010 12:21PM

What I find truly amazing here is the sheer amount of range between differing opinions in here. I am reading that these women are either great or they are human filth. It just shows the mental diversity in the viewers of various entertainment today. I'm just about willing to bet that Carl La Fong here probably doesn't watch any form of reality show, or even science programs. Carl seems the type (based on his extreme view) that would probably get more into cartoons or spending days on end in front of an X-Box. Either that or he is a just another religious nut job. But then again, who am I to judge Carl?

What we all need to understand is that Kathy Griffin and her mother, Maggie are just people like everyone else. They just happen to be in the public eye, so they have to be a little more boisterous, or open, if you will. While I personally will probably never read Maggie's book, I simply could not say anything bad about her or Kathy. I don't know either of them personally, and would never speak ill of them just for that reason. How they are in private may be a complete 180 of how they are in public. Let them be who they are already.

I can really only say one thing here of my own opinion. That is that while I am not a particular fan of Kathy, I absolutely love her looks. That body is smoking hot. I almost melt whenever I see her in a two piece bikini. Kathy, show more! I just love this smoking hot fire pie...

Miss Piggy Going Gaga in New 'Muppets' Movie? {PopEater}

Mar 3rd 2010 11:14AM

Oh, Gaga isn't that bad. I mean yes, without all that makeup and the head coverings she definitely has a face for radio, but her voice really is pretty good. My only real issue is her overall personna. I can see dressing up like a freak on stage. Hey, it works for KISS, Alice Cooper, Ozzie Osbourn, and Marlyn Manson, so why not her. BUT, she wears the same strange wraps everywhere she goes. It's like some mental disorder has turned her into this freak 24 hours a day. Could you all imagine what her pajamas might be????? I would be afraid to be in the same bed...

Johnny Weir 'Loves Wearing Dead Animals,' Calls Animal Rights Activists 'Crazy Fur People' {StyleList (Main)}

Feb 18th 2010 10:06AM

First off, I don't wear fur. I do however; wear leather in various forms such as shoes, jackets, and such. I do not believe that any animal should be killed ONLY for its fur. Now, if the pelt happens to be a by-product of killing an animal for food, then I am all for it. Since I would never eat Fox meat, I would be against killing Foxes. The same would go for Chinchilla, Tiger, Leopard, and the like. I would eat rabbit, so I would use its fur perhaps for gloves. Again, if the only reason to kill an animal is for its fur, then I feel it's wrong.

As for P.E.T.A., these psychos are an entirely different breed of whack job. They are as extreme where animals are concerned as Al Quada is where the Muslim religion is. Muslims in general are not violent people, but they have these nut jobs giving them a bad name (and no, I am NOT Muslim). PETA Bombs and has been behind many attacks on humans, just as Al Quada has been. They are all terrorists, but for different reasons. And no matter what the reason, it is definitely the wrong way to get their point across. And as for this little flamer skater, his love for "wearing dead animals" is a sign that he is a problem person and needs counseling.

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