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Bishop Long Delivers Ballsy Speech Targeting Accusers {BV Black Spin}

Apr 27th 2011 1:03AM

I disappointed that he was given the opportunity to settle. If he'd done nothing wrong, he should have been able to say that he'd been vindicated, that his name had been cleared, or that no charges are being filed.

Instead, he emerges from settlement talks, still proclaiming his innocence. And who will pay for Long's behavior? His current congregation! Through tithes, offerings, and other contributions provided by members, Long will likely avoid any personal, financial, or criminal responsibility.

No wonder, he's still crowing and strutting around. It hasn't cost him anything!

Lucy Florence Cultural Center struggles to stay open {Blackvoices Main}

Apr 22nd 2011 4:42PM

I live in LA and have been to visit Lucy Florence. I was surprised to see a nationally, perhaps internationally, circulated article about Lucy Florence. Lucy Florence is a wonderful artspace, theatre space, and cafe/tearoom located in historic Leimert Park. (You may be familiar with the area from the opening credits of "Moesha.") The area boasts many stores and community gathering spots, such as the regular drum circle in the park, that attract many to the area.

In order to help support and sustain Lucy Florence, please provide additional background information about the history of the name, it's owners, and their purpose in creating the space. Lucy Florence is also home to a screening room and a wellness spa. It's a community gem that should not be lost. Please help others find their way to this beautiful community beacon.

Report: Justin Timberlake Is Losing His Hair {PopEater}

Apr 21st 2011 9:13AM

so let me see if I understand...the article starts by discussing Justin's thinning hair and ends with his dating life. Well, it's either a slow news day or someone doesn't know how to stay on topic. Either way, pretty much a filler, I'd say.

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