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Idaho's Empty Governor's Mansion a Thorn in Residents' Sides {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 26th 2012 4:19PM

Well, if it will please the Taxpayers, I can move in on the 1st. But PLEASE, don't call me Governor. If nominated, I refuse to run. If elected, I refuse to serve.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 15th 2012 7:08AM

Unbelievable how the filthy(not hygenically) rich expect the world and everything in it exists exclusively for their edification. Here, they are able to tell a guy what he can, or rather CAN'T build on HIS OWN PROPERTY....having succeeded at that unexplainable fete, they are then able to dictate weather or not his property should remain visually accessable for their pleasure.......GOVERNMENT IS WAY TO BIG, AND THUS INTRUSIVE.

'Gas Station' Mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., Called the Ugliest in America, Hits Market for $5.88 Million {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 5th 2012 6:50AM

I'm impressed......I don't know about anyone else. That was a conglameration [sic] of niffty architectural ideas. I'm sure, once implemented, the house will drop to at least #10 on the list. I vote they hire you.

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