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Exclusive: Details on Steamy Love Scenes Between Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie {PopEater}

Mar 11th 2010 9:41AM

Seriously, why does everyone despise Angelina Jolie...who are any of yall to judge! She has done more for the world than any of you could do in 10 life times...Everyone always focuses on the negative aspects of people's lives...No one here knows Angelina Jolie or what really goes on in her life...seriously no one even thinks to praise her for all the good she has done...for all the money she has given and all the children she has saved in various poor countries. But all yall can do is judge her based on her relationships...seriously grow up..SHE IS AN AMAZING actress and so is johnny depp...and none of yall know what johnny depp is really like...he is just good at keeping his life hidden from the public....for everyone who says they have no respect for angelina and will not see another movie of hers...that is your loss because she is an amazing actress is so funny how fast people judge people they don't even know...I mean seriously because everything the magazines write are you are so anti-angelina why don't you do some real research and try and understand her before you judge....everyone's life is different....

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