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Weak Start for Angelina's 'Tourist' ... Blame Chelsea? {PopEater}

Dec 13th 2010 11:21AM

No offense, but I like Chelsea Handler....I think she's histerical. And let's face it-she's not saying anything that isn't true, or that no other person in the world isn't saying. Everyone's treated angelina like this "angelic person" for so long, as well as brad. They both did a horrible thing to Jen, and have acted like did nothing wrong since the start. Heck, neither of them have actually even confessed to anything, or apoligized for that matter, yet people in the world feel the need to go after LeAnn Rimes? She at least was upfront about it. I give her more credit than angelina. Yes, this is also old news, but angelina is also not the best actress as well. She will have bad movies.....this just might be one. Please don't blame a funny lady who "HAS" been telling the truth for some time now, like most people in the world, just because her movie tanked. Remember.......she's no Meryl Streep.

Aretha Franklin Has Cancer, Family Confirms {PopEater}

Dec 8th 2010 4:33PM

First, not right to talk about someone's weight. Second, if she had problems with her heart, or had gotten diabetes, then yeah, weight would have probably contributed to it. But pancreatic cancer has nothing to do with her weight. Like the article said.......look at Patrick and Michael. Patrick was a dancer, and he had it. It's a shame. God Bless Aretha. We're all praying for you!

Taylor Swift's Bangs Steal the Show at the AMAs {PopEater}

Nov 22nd 2010 12:17PM

She'll fade out in 5-10 years, anyways. Just because you change your style, doesn't mean it's gonna make you sing/act/dance any better.

As for the bangs matures her, and adds edge? She frickin' straightened her hair, and had some bangs cut. it's not a new style that she setting-I hope people are smart enough to know that. Us non-celebrities have haircuts like that all the time. Hell, go back to when Reba and Faith Hill cut their hair-it made news, just for getting a haircut. This is ridiculous-I'm sorry. This girl and that justin kid need to go away. Their annoying-and they can't sing.

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