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Homeowner Susie Salazar Loses Insurance Policy Over Pit Bull {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 23rd 2013 12:21PM

When I applied for home owners insurance they asked me if I had any pets. I told them I had a Dog and a Cat. The very next question was, What type of dog do you have? I reponded:"A Beagle" They said OK. I do not know of any insurance companies that will risk a dog bit claim and insure you with a Pitt Bull.

'Larry King Live' Tribute: The Show's 11 Greatest Moments {AOL TV}

Dec 16th 2010 12:28PM

Larry was will respected by famous people. Jon Bonjovi said at the end of an interview :"It was an honor and a pleasure to meet with you" and that was one of the last people he interviewed.

Some flight attendants worse than drunk passengers says survey {Gadling}

Nov 24th 2010 10:16AM

I was on a plane with my wife and 8 y/o boy and the couple in front of me made out through most of the flight with no regards to children and other folks around them. When they were not making out they were loud and just being stupid.
I think people like that should be made to ride with the dogs in the animal compartment!

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