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Jenni Rivera's Daughter: I Survived Sexual Abuse {Celestrellas}

Jul 9th 2013 1:09PM

No one deserves to be raped by anyone for any reason and a 12 year old girl getting raped by her biological father for years has to be a terrible thing physically,emotionaly,and just terrible for her perception of men.Chiquis says she has been surviving but recently her mom and her were not talking to each other due to something Jenni knew about her daughter and husband who she divorced .This man knew what happened to Chiquis as a child and should have sets boundaries knowing that and yet since Chiquis has father figures viewed in a different way something happened and this young lady still needs therapy.Jenni and Chiquis were not able to repair damage from new allegations Jenni's last concert before boarding the plane she dedicated Paloma Negra to her daughter and cried throughout the concert.Sexual abuse is not karma it's a choice another person choosing to do to someone because they are sick individuals that pray on the innocent and hell is waiting.

Shape Move of the Week: Reality Star Kim Kardashian Shares Workout Secrets {That's Fit}

Apr 26th 2011 9:47PM

She should lay off that advice when she purchased that rear end,boobs,nose,and has used tons of botox.Kim and most of her family are obsessed with plastic surgery have you seen Bruce and her mother?,Kourtney has admitted to a boob job but no Kim insists it's all real.When Kim first came out they have pictures of her on the internet with no butt and her boobs were not as big and her nose was cuter then so her secret America is called plastic surgery.

Joan Rivers Reams Christina Aguilera Over Star-Mangled Banner {PopEater}

Mar 12th 2011 1:12PM

Christina Uglylera is made of plastic like most Celebs. Christina had a nose and boob job she wears fake blue contacts,fake platinum hair who knows she's probly had botox but for sure she's plastic like the rest.Christina use to be cute now she's a Marilyn Monroe wannabe or should I say looks more like Snookie.

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