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Tax Lawyer Sues Gucci, Claims Racist Practices Against Rihanna {BV Newswire}

Jun 7th 2011 1:45PM

NO one should be over taxed or under paid no matter who they are. As far as the douche bag that came on this site to air his predujice views: aren't there other platforms for you to be an asshole? Why would you get on Black voices with your views, some people are really getting sick and tired of this race issue. There are plenty of reasons to hate Rhianna, but her ethnicity should not be one of them.

Charles Barkley: In Sports, Ability to Play Outweighs Sexual Orientation {BV on Sports}

May 17th 2011 4:54PM

looking through some of the comments and i would like to make a remark about Mr. Barkley holding back on his comments, that is something Charles has never done, in my recollection, Mr. Barkley has always been the type to say what is on his mind and i don't see how this time it would be any different. If he said he does not have a problem with some one being gay than he does not have a problem with someone being gay!!!
As far as my personal opinion goes, i could care less about who likes to get hit in the ass or eat carpet; everyone is guilty of a something whether it is homosexuality, whoremonging, violating the temple of the body, putting false prophets before God,and etc..with that being said; we should focus on maintaining our own yards instead of pointing fingers at the neighbors stating what they need to do. If people want to talk about issues let it be about how socially responsible are you and not who is piping who or who is eating who's carpet.
This thing about someone else's sexuality have gone to far. You only need to worry about the next person's sexuality if you are sleeping with them!!

GLAAD on Poor 'Dilemma': 'Alienating Audiences Isn't a Recipe for Success' {PopEater}

Jan 18th 2011 8:27PM

no matter what a person says; someone is going to take offense to it. STOP being so sensitive people

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