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'Rocky Horror' Remake: Is This What It Would Look Like? (VIDEO) {Moviefone Blog}

Oct 27th 2010 1:44PM

DarthPaul meant that the movie -- the Rocky Horror Picture Show -- was based on a stage musical -- the Rocky Horror Show -- which is still staged frequently across the country (and was even revived on Broadway within the last decade). So technically, the RHPS movie itself was a 'remake' of the original RHS stage show. It's completely normal to do revivals of old shows -- or at the very least, to recast roles in longer-running original productions -- in the theater industry, so why can't that be the case in the film industry too? Why must we look down on remakes as an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" sort of thing? Can't we accept them as not necessarily better or worse, but just a different spin on or exploration of an old concept?

Guys See Girls Who Drink Beer As 'Sexy, Confident, Independent, Fun' {Lemondrop}

Oct 16th 2010 2:37PM

Unless he ordered a glass of human blood or something, there's no drink a guy could order that would 'turn me off.' I don't care what other people drink, and I don't think it necessarily says anything about their personality.

Personally, I hate the taste of almost all beers (there are a few stouts I like, but even then, I have to really be in the mood for it). In the past, when I've gone out with people who drank beer, I've occasionally ordered it even though I didn't want it, just so I'd fit in. Not exactly "confident and independent" behavior.

Now I order whatever the hell I want, even if it means getting a frou-frou girly drink while my date drinks beer, or getting a glass of white wine when everyone else is sharing a bottle of red, or getting a Jack & Coke while my friends order herbal tea (or vice versa for that matter). I'll drink what I think tastes good at the moment, and if my choice causes someone to judge me, then I probably don't want to be around that kind of person anyway.

'Modern Family's' Cameron and Mitchell: TV's Best Couple {PopEater}

Apr 11th 2010 8:56PM

Male dogs can never build houses, either. And you'll never see a male cat in nature using, say, a written language or money or clothes. So if we really want to be natural, we should probably stop doing those things too.

(Oh, and just as a side note, homosexual & homosocial relationships HAVE been observed in other species -- and not just in zoos, which you could argue is an unnatural environment. But it happens in regular old nature too. So your argument is fundamentally invalid right from the start.)

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