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92-Year-Old's Offer to Buy Back Home Denied, Eviction Looms {AOL Real Estate}

Jun 23rd 2013 6:20PM

This rips at my heart. If the house is a lost cause legally, I wish that some kind hearted loving people who need a "grandpa" take him into their home , maybe along with his real granddaughter and create a kind loving home for him in his last years. Family is what you make of it. Blood ties are not everything and sometimes not anything (such as is the case with his daughter). The house he bult may not be available to him, but he can take mementos and photos and maybe a loving family could take him in as their own. I would love to imagine this wonderful man living the rest of his life that way instead of being embroiled in legal fighting. have heard of places where people wh need a parent or grandparent connection link up with elderly people who need to have a faily in their lives.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 14th 2012 11:36PM

Give new meaning to the phrase "Hedge Funds".

Alleged Aurora Mass Shooter James Holmes Evicted for 'Substantial Violation of His Lease' {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 12th 2012 12:59AM

I hope they don't put his stuff out on the yard, or some scumbags will pick it up and try to make a fortune off of it on ebay. Noone deserves to profit off of anything to do with this horrific incident. Take his stuff and destroy it. Or lock it up in a poilce evidence storage room forever.

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