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Tiger Woods Nike Commercial Parodies {PopEater}

Apr 9th 2010 10:55AM

Dear Lisa,
Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer that has ever lived and he was put into a situation where he thought he was better than everybody else (which he is) so he felt that he could do whatever he wants. He made a small mistake by sleeping around but who gives a s***. I bet you have cheated on your husband. i bet you, you ruined your kids lives. So who are you to tell Tiger he is a horible person. You don't know him, you cant relate to him (except for the fat that you both cheated on your spouses), and you should go back into the box that you came from and take a hard look at your life. Look at tiger as the best golfer that ever lived not as a cheating bas****. He is an athelte not a role model. Look at Kobe, he cheated, Jordan, he has gambling problems, and every other athlete. They should be role models for the sport they play not the acts they do.

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