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Pregnant Tori Spelling Blames Paparazzo for Car Crash {PopEater}

Jun 14th 2011 9:57AM

I think Tori is very cute and whoever says she is ugly is just jealous of her and her looks. She is a mom and she is pregnant and she has her kids with her and they should just leave her alone. I do not know why people are so dam jealous of people who have money. She does not flaunt it she just acts like a normal mom who happens to be very pretty. I sure wish people would grow up and stop putting people down all the time. If you don't like someone don't read the article and then you would not have to respond such trash.

Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Blasts CBS, Warner Bros. in Letter, Threatens to Sue {PopEater}

Mar 9th 2011 11:26PM

If the press would stop talking about him and airing all the stuff he is doing he would stop. It is just like Lindsey Lohan they wont stop on her either. Just leave them alone and don't put your cameras up in their face and then they would stop. I blame the news and the hollywood shows like E and all them shows.

Judge Denies Bail, Takes Lindsay Lohan Into Custody {PopEater}

Sep 24th 2010 1:51PM

I will say one thing this young girl has a big problem and jail will not solve it. The only thing is to get her into a rehab that will get her off the drugs and all the stuff she is on. I really feel sorry for her and hope that someone gets her the help she needs before we get a headline stating YOUNG ACTRESS OVERDOSES ON DRUGS. She is a beautiful young girl and really deserves the help she needs and this judge is really stupid for not just putting her in a good rehab and getting her the help for as long as she needs instead of putting her in a jail cell.

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