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David Arquette: I Thought Courteney Was Having an Affair {PopEater}

Feb 25th 2011 12:59AM

LOL....DANA said it bessssst.....good gawd....almighty!

Al-Jazeera Anchorwomen Quit After 'Offensive' Comments About Their Non-Conservative Clothing, Makeup, Uncovered Hair {StyleList (Main)}

Jun 2nd 2010 8:55AM

The article said "Though the presenters have yet to go public with their side of the story, " and the sad thing is, they probably will not indeed 'go public' in fear that they will be victims of the extreme Islamic practice of Honor Killing by either male family members or other males who feel the need to do end their lives in the name of "God". I will be the first to admit, I know very little about the Islamic religion other than what i read in the newspaper or online, however where are the modern, non oppressive, non violent Muslim people who protest against the ghihad, the terrorist attacks on innocent people(even their own)??? I have yet to see a march or peaceful protest ANYWHERE in the world, and I'm pretty sure even Fox News would be happy to film it. Until then, the bad press about the Islamic faith's practices are all the information I need...Stay in the Arab world, thanks.

University of North Dakota's 'Fighting Sioux' Nickname, Logo Retired {Fanhouse NHL Blog}

Apr 9th 2010 7:52PM

How pathetic....the same 'PC' numbnut who wanted to play 'hero for the day' most likely NEVER asked the Sioux Nation how they felt about it....the phrase, "Tyranny of the minority" rules our nation only takes a small slimey group of misfits to alter the unique and meaningful aspects of our country. I'm so sorry for you Univ of N. Dakota alumni...The Univ of Mississippi Rebels are next in line I'm sure....but, not that my opinion matters, America's history is what it is...good or bad...changing the name of a university's mascot does not change it,,,and for God's sake, we did just elect a black president!!! I'm perdy sure we are an open minded society.

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