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Whistleblowers Win $46.5 Million in Foreclosure Settlement {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 2nd 2012 3:29PM

For all of you oh-so-wise folks who are perfect and have never had any problems financially and have only put downs for people like me who have had to experience a foreclosure at the hands of a company like J.P. Morgan Chase ..... maybe you need to consider the saying, "Before you talk about another Indian, try walking in his mocassins."

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk {PopEater}

Jun 19th 2011 2:16PM

Heh, the install idea is not a bad one ... what if we could "install" certain positive behaviors in teens like using birth control ... and you know, like not getting a friggin' chin implant ...

Kim Kardashian's Fiance Dusts Cheating Rumors Off His (Massive) Shoulders {PopEater}

Jun 13th 2011 2:43PM

Yep ... that was my thought too ... right after I threw up ...

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