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True Tomboy Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Rocks the Combat Boots {PopEater}

Sep 20th 2010 3:11PM

The "pacifier and blanket" kid is Tom Cruise's daughter Suri.
If you're deranged enough to hate a four year old girl you've never even met, at least know who she is.

Adam Lambert Should Replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol' {AOL TV}

Apr 18th 2010 4:12PM

Five judges would be too much!
I like Ellen but she knows nothing about music or the industry and has nothing noteworthy to say so she should go.
As for Randy, does anyone understand what he's rambling about? Does anyone care?
Adam Lambert did one hell of a great job mentoring what is widely recogized as the weakest buch of contestants in AI history, his mix of blunt honesty wihout being mean and giving great advice without being patronizing did wonders for the contestants (Well, those who actually listened!).
He's intelligent, articulate and personable in addition to being an amazing singer and performer, he'd make one great judge!
And from what I've read Lambert's visit to his old playground improved Idol's ratings so hiring him is more than just some fans daydreaming.
But Adam Lambert is focusing on his own career at the moment, I doubt he would limit himself to sitting behind that Idol desk... and what a waste of talent that would be!

"American Idol" -- Adam Lambert Can't Fix You. Sorry. {Queer Sighted}

Apr 16th 2010 4:26PM

Adam Lambert proved to be the best coach I've seen in all seasons so far but not even he could wake up these zombies...
And, even more frustrating, those who needed Lambert's advice the most either couldn't deliver or blatantly ingored Adam's spot-on advice.
Adam's breathtaking live performance looked and felt almost like a lesson to me: See? THIS is what I've been trying to teach you, kiddies! THAT's what performing a song is about!
Once again Adam Lambert appeared larger than life: oozing talent, positive energy and charisma he completely stole the show and his appearance was the reason so many more people tuned in to watch than the weeks before.
But the joy and excitement of watching Lambert on the Idol stage again turned sour in the end because he reminded everyone how lackluster and utterly boring this season is...
Can we have season 8 again? Or at least a weekly Adam Lambert performance/mentoring session?

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