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Ellen DeGeneres Stalker Ordered to Stay Far Away From Comedian {PopEater}

Mar 15th 2011 5:21AM

It makes me sad how mean spirited some people can be :(

Elena Kagan's Fashion Sense: Robin Givhan and the Nominee's Legs {Politics Daily}

May 26th 2010 1:09AM

And the message we want to give our daughters is "Nevermind being bright,educated,and caring if you want to get ahead and make a difference, in the service of your country.What really matters and how you will be judged is how you cross your legs or "gasp" IF you cross your legs.Perhaps she has a little meat on her thighs that makes it a bit difficult to cross her legs.OK,now we can judge her for that too.

Spouses of Dementia Sufferers Six Times More Likely to Get Same Condition {AOL Health}

May 6th 2010 11:53PM

My Mom had a skull fracture before I was born and I remember my Mom having challenges ,but at the age of 70 she really started going downhill she died in a Alzheimers unit of a nursing home due to her brain forgetting to tell her how to swallow and she kept getting pneumonia .The third time we would have had to agree to tube feeding.Mom loved her family and food ,When she didn't know who her family was and no longer enjoyed food we said no more and she died peacefully at 84.My Dad died of the complications of a broken hip at 92 and also had dementia. There was indeed a difference of the two diseases.Dad still knew his family,wasn't abusive and lived in the here and now. However, mom was living in the past where she was still a young Woman and could become very abusive. Sadly Mom believed that my Dad was her father. Perhaps with Mom having the head trauma it caused her symptoms to be more severe Both took Aricept for their symptoms but it seemed to help my Dad more than Mom.I worry that with both my my parents having this disease I may also some day be affected.It appears to me that modern medicine can keep bodies functioning longer than the mind.I think I took good care of my parents as long as I could, but indeed it was very stressful.

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