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Angelina Jolie vs. Salma Hayek | Best Dressed Kids {StyleList (Main)}

Jun 27th 2011 4:09PM

I hate to say it, but these kids are future lindsay lonhans & paris hiltons. Shame on the parents. They think money is everything and don't teach the kids more important values.
Kids outgrow their shoes & clothes fast, there is no need to spoil them. Look around guys, there are kids that go hungry all day.

Pint-Size Fan Rushes Stage, Startles Miley Cyrus (Video) {PopEater}

Jun 25th 2011 1:16AM

Looked staged to me.

Justin Bieber Egged at Concert and Gets Called a 'Security Risk' on a Flight {PopEater}

May 2nd 2011 1:05PM

Could this be a publicity stunt? About the airplane incident: another spoiled child, that's all.

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