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'Shaved Bieber' Creator Gets Death Threats From Justin Bieber Fans {PopEater}

May 28th 2010 3:39PM

I think it's called Hormones! lol, for the girls and even the boys who are into this kid. It's normal.

California Teen Becomes Youngest to Summit Mt. Everest {ParentDish}

May 25th 2010 12:59PM

You may worship America's elite and what their money can buy them ( and buy them into) but most of us don't. It's about giving back to our community not just finding one more thing to put on your child's resume to get them into Yale so they can live large and one day become a banker. People don't like selfish social climbers or people who brag about how darn dynamic their lives are.

California Teen Becomes Youngest to Summit Mt. Everest {ParentDish}

May 25th 2010 12:29PM

Yes, we are all idiots who play video games all day with no life. Oh, how I dream of being a walking resume with total focus on me, me, me. How I dream of power and money. Not true folks. I travel and make damn good money but people like myself don't brag and social climb. Hard work, focus on community and giving back to those who have little is how some of us work. University is full of elite children who have done and seen great things because their parents have power and/or money. The $50,000 it took to send just one person up that mountain could have put a poor child through college. As it stands, people are free to spend their hard-earned or easy-earned money any darn way they please. Luxury vs. helping the community? That's a choice. The issue is America's focus and love of always being king of the hill and the neglect of their own communities, families and nation. A nation of ego driven youth can't last for very long.

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