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Video: Bethenny Frankel Still Explaining Just How She Lost That Baby Weight {PopEater}

Aug 10th 2010 12:41PM

Bethenny is a thin girl . She built an empire on healthy eating , and taking the guilt out of our pleasures...woohoo
People are just jealous and always run to ideas of drugs , drinks that melt fat away etc. If you truly knew her , and payed mind to her body , and the fact that she breast fed you would know that she could lose 25-35 pounds in 4 weeks or less

Celebrities Without Photoshop: Is This What They Really Look Like? {PopEater}

Apr 22nd 2010 5:04AM

I still have the same issues ..young girls look at the photos taken makeup brushed , airbrushed etc and believe that is the way a woman looks .Its a lie that keeps them striving for the perfect body . I want to see an ad where a young girl/woman looks like the everyday person we know and bares it all and FEELS as beautiful as she thinks they do .. NEVER happen . It also keeps our men looking for the same kinda thing and he is going to be disappointed when there is nothing but sheets btw them..Glamour world has been selling a 100 billion dollar business to ages 13 up for way too long , and we want to know why we have anoxeria, bulemia and self esteem in the toliet .. also why young men and old alike are never going to have a real sense of what woman are truly ..More than T&A ..geez we certaintly are shallow ..and I am not jealous , bc I am 45 and look damn good huni ~!!

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