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Khloe Kardashian: I Felt Disgusted After Losing Virginity at Age 14 {PopEater}

Dec 1st 2010 1:41PM

Well, that's too bad for her. Teenage sex is one of the most innocent and pleasant times one can experience. I had sex at 14 (a bit before I turned 15) and I've never gone longer than three months without it. I have no fears or any feelings of disgust with myself and I've never hidden my sexuality. Society is what puts the expectation of what is okay and what is not okay on women.

Will Jon Gosselin's Book Be About Parenting? {PopEater}

Aug 24th 2010 1:44PM

Do I really care? Nope.

Readers to Jillian Michaels: We Don't Want to Ruin Our Bodies With Pregnancy, Either {PopEater}

Apr 26th 2010 12:48PM

Every person has a choice. My belly became a roadmap to nowhere after having two kids. I think I actually shocked my daughters and their friends the consequences of childbirth by showing my belly at a sleepover once. So far, my kids are 24,25 and neither of them have kids, and none of the girls at that sleepover have kids. I love my kids dearly, I eventually had a tummy tuck, which only helped a little because my case of stretch marks was severe. Weight gain was never an issue with me, just poor genetics. Having the kids has never been a regret, I just wish I had the tummy tuck in my mid-late twenties rather than my late thirties. I also respect my body and it's shape, so I basically hid behind clothes.

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