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Charlie Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' Character Will Be Killed Off {PopEater}

Jun 30th 2011 1:06PM

I wish they would just have him runaway with Rose and get married or something. I loved their romance, I thought it was interesting. If they kill him off, I won't have closure!

Opinion: The Real Reason Grown Men are Crying at 'Toy Story 3' {ParentDish}

Jul 5th 2010 4:07PM

I'm a 23 year old graduate student, no kids, and I still cried at Toy Story 3! Toy Story has always been my favorite film franchise. I believe I cried for a mixture of reasons - the fact that Toy Story has finally ended was one, the maturity of the toys when they thought death was near was another, and the thought of a child going to college. It made me feel how my parents felt when I turned 18 and went away to school. I cannot imagine going through that with my future children - I cry so easily as it is anyway. I thought this was the perfect ending to the Toy Story movies.

Terry Crews: Former Gridiron Athlete Finds Success on Screen {BV Newswire}

Jun 2nd 2010 3:31PM

I adore Terry Crews! I look forward to watching anything with him; he cracks me up!

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