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House of the Day: Museum-Quality Mansion {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 22nd 2011 1:06PM

Great for the family who lived there or the one who buys it. Seriously, if you can afford to build the home of your dreams, why wouldn't you? And if you entertain large numbers, have a big family in for holidays or host fundraisers, the ballroom and dining hall will pay for themselves with what you save renting large spaces every time you need the space. Being able to close off the family quarters still allows the family to have intimacy when they aren't using them. I don't particularly care for the exterior architecture, and naturally, I would have to pick it up and move it south of the Mason-Dixon line, but that's always an issue for me. Location, location, location... in the South

House of the Day: Brooke Astor's 65-Acre Westchester Estate {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 21st 2011 5:53PM

I love that her estate had some acreage and was private. Add a couple of hundred acres to it and I could live happily ever after in a place like that... in the South, anyway.

Soldier Buys Back Parents' Foreclosed Home (Video) {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 20th 2011 6:35PM

Jose Cordova Jr. is a real man, and the Cordovas are a real family. I'm so pleased for them all.

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