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Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 24th 2011 10:59AM

When I think of beautiful and amazing only Sophia Loren comes to mind.I don't even want to think of what a high milage thing like J. Ho will look like at that age.

The Country's Biggest Tourist Trap: South of the Border {Gadling}

Jul 18th 2011 3:25PM

Back in the 50's SOTB was a great stop I remember a small building and the hot dogs were my main staple.We would stop on our way south in the fall and then again in the spring the parking lot was like a social club we would look for Jersey plates and see what town they were from.I was last there 20 or so yrs. ago and it got huge but I really think there were more people in the old days and the food was gross, I guess I should have had a hot dog.

Rihanna's Sporty-Chic Statement {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 11th 2011 9:15PM

She looks like Flip Wilson.

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