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Kate Gosselin: The Kids Don't Like Being at Jon's House {PopEater}

Sep 12th 2010 10:49PM

When are Hollywood's big wigs get it....we don't want to see her
any more! Please send her back to her mansion to take care of
kids..... She will pull anything to get publicity and keep her name in the limelight! She whines how she has to work & take care of her kids and she is REALLY NOT there like she should be!
She is a big phony. We DO NOT like her!

Jon Gosselin to Kate: 'Pay Me Or I'll Report You to Child Services' {PopEater}

Sep 1st 2010 5:13PM

Kate and Jon Gosselin are both trash. Kate Gosselin now wants to
be an actress. What happened to "Iam a single mother and I have to work!!!" What a farce she is and Jon is no better. They have
lost their family values and are out only for themselves. Anyone
who defends these trashy people are out of their minds. Kate is
such a phony and Jon is what he is...a scared little boy whose
mommy told him to leave. The kids are the real victims here. Kate needs to work regular job and quit being something she is NOT an actress or celebrity!!

Emmy Red Carpet Arrivals 2010 {AOL TV}

Aug 29th 2010 11:29PM

Kate Gosselin is SO OUT OF PLACE.
TV planners why do you project this woman on your viewers. She is a fake and a phony. Mother of the Year she is NOT!!! PLEASE her 15 minutes are up!!
Who is watching those kids...$250,000 an episode!!!

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