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'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Driving 'About 130 MPH' When He Crashed {PopEater}

Jun 22nd 2011 10:59AM

Pathetic that you'd wish someone dead because you think it sounds funny. Why didn't you offer yourself?

How I Finally Got Over Only Liking Guys Who Never Called Me Back {Lemondrop}

Nov 8th 2010 11:55AM

For those woman who are judging those who have sex before marriage....I think the idea of waiting until you get married is a nice thought. The reality is that a man today who will put up with that is one in a million. I know a couple who have been dating for 2 years. They don't have sex, as they are waiting for marriage. They go to church together and everyone believes he is not having sex. Turns out, that while his looks at his girlfriend and church friends and lies to their faces, he's having sex with at least one other person behind everyone's back. And we are not talking one-night stands either, but ongoing relations with intimacy. This is more typical than not. Most men won't go a year or two without sex. They will just go somewhere else. So....while you think you've won the prize for being a "good girl," you simply landed someone who lies well, made a fool out of you, and destroyed everything you thought you had. AND YOU MAY NEVER KNOW...but others will.. So don't be too proud of him or yourself, he may be making a fool out of you and at the end of the day, you ended up with the same thing as everyone else.

It's Official: Older White Guys Still Make More Than Most {AOL Jobs}

Oct 21st 2010 8:07PM

I agree. Bottom owners hire those who work the hardest and increase their bottom line. They don't care what color a person is. So...if they are hiring white people and paying them well...there is a reason.

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