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'Skins' Star Defends Show: 'It's What Teens Are Doing' {PopEater}

Jan 22nd 2011 4:13PM

The British version of Skins isn't a BBC production.

China is Pissed Over 'Red Dawn' Remake {Cinematical}

Jun 7th 2010 6:52AM

The problem isn't with China per se, but with America's perennial false perception of itself as a persecuted innocent. The original 'Red Dawn' has the US invaded by Nicaragua; in reality, American-backed terrorists were butchering and torturing their way across Nicaragua.

The US has invaded or attacked dozens of countries since the onset of the Cold War, China just two: Tibet and Vietnam. But China isn't the issue. Films like 'Red Dawn' are designed purely to reassure US viewers that they are the "goodies". The baddies are always interchangeable boogeymen, wearing the national or ideological mask de jour.

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