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Sofia Vergara mulls breast reduction? {Celestrellas}

Nov 17th 2011 9:57AM

I want to know who that publicist is so I can go kick his ass!! And, if it is a woman, she needs to choose a new profession that jealous bitch! 34DD are big but not enormous, give me a break! How boring would tv and movies be if everyone looked and sounded the same. Thank you Sofia for being who you are!

Agent's Commercial Property Sale on eBay Includes a Bank {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 7th 2011 3:43PM

If this is an actual comment and not some spam thing then here is how they do it. You pay for each bid (lets say $1). Each time you bid the price goes up by $.01. So, a $250 giftcard that sold for $48 was bid on 4800 times, at $1 a bid, so $4800. It's no secret how it works, and thats why it was under investigation, but most sites I've seen now have options to buy it at a special rate less what you've paid for your bids. So if you lost the bid on the giftcard you can get it for $250-$48-whatever your bids were, which is still a good deal! I started going to an auto auction site after seeing a story where they guy got a 2011 Camaro for $5.28, $100 gas cards go for $25, even if I bid all 25 times that's still half price gas!

How YOU Would Solve the Mortgage Crisis {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 7th 2011 3:34PM

I can tell you how it SHOULD have been saved. Instead of the governmet bailing out all of these poorly run banks and investment firms the government SHOULD have helped out all the homeowners, all the investors, and all the people that have money in the banks. If they took even just a portion of their $700 billion and used it for this, the economy would be on its way to recovery. You wouldn't have thousands of people trying to find new places to live and new jobs, struggling with every penny they earn. Their homes would be paid off, their income would be spent at home improvement stores, grocery stores, and department stores. But it is too late. Yet, when I as a homeowner needed help from one of the bailed out companies, I was pushed aside, they said they were sorry for my situation but they couldn't help me. Thanks for nothing everyone, thanks a bunch.

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