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Oprah Has Her Eye on the Tiger {PopEater}

Dec 3rd 2009 3:23PM

Not Oprah but Kobe might be lookin to offer some advice.

Work Spouse {AOL Jobs}

Jan 26th 2009 1:16PM

I have assumed the role of office spouse in many situations. None of which involved flirting or exchange of sexual favors but did involve caring of one's professional career, health of well-being and the utmost loyalty. I'm sure some wives have found me to be a threat but once they would see me they didn't feel that any longer as I am overweight. My work husband and myself feel comfortable within the parameters of a professional office. It is work related. Home is not and requires men to deal with issues that are not present in this environment. I provide support in many areas from telling him he might want to rethink that tie to whom might be stabbing him in the back. I am the protector, the loyal lietenant, the one that gets him out of the office early so he get the wife flowers, pick up the kids or stop at the store. I am the one that gets him everything he needs to make his decisions and guide his way through the office politics. However, and this is the best part, I get to go home and still the have respect and loyalty of someone I admire but none of the emotional trappings that come with marriage of the heart. It's nice and allows me "my life" at the end of the day.

Is Obama Really President After Oath Flub? {Politics Daily}

Jan 21st 2009 3:40PM

This is why I have parental blocked that channel.

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