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Lance Armstong Feuding With '60 Minutes' Over Doping Allegation {PopEater}

May 21st 2011 4:21PM

Everyone with any authority wants to catch him sooooo bad that even the French came out and said Chemotherapy was performance enhancing drug therapy....
A--holes...all of them

Cancer patient loses coverage over a penny {WalletPop}

Jul 15th 2010 11:12AM

161.1545! ? ! ? ! ? So basically she's arguing over 1/100th of a penny. This lady lost her health insurance and cancer treatments because she refused to pay 1/100th of a cent. Pay the penny and argue about the cost later. If I had cancer (or not) and needed the health insurance and the bill came with a $100 dollar the money and argue need the insurance. I don't want to sound cold or hard hearted, but this appears to be her own fault. I haven't come across any large corporation that doesn't have the ability to debit immediately...If the Ins Comp was willing to wait for the check/money order to come through Snail Mail, she could have overnighted the check the next day, given them a payment over the phone, debit over the phone...anything to keep the insurance and argue later

Cheney Rips Obama Policies; Biden Says Cheney Is 'Rewriting History' {Politics Daily}

Feb 14th 2010 2:06PM

It won't be the skyscrapers the next time...we are looking for that. Our government is reactionary it's pathetic.

Next time, it will the malls, the schools and the water supply.

When get us too terrified to leave the house to shop....they win! ! !

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