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Josh Harris: I Won't Let My Dad's Dreams Die {PopEater}

Jun 16th 2010 9:03PM

i wish i could get on a boat i need to stop smoking amonst other things but its all i have i hate to say it some of us are just loosers in life and no matter how hard we try we will never make it i have helped others my whole life i grew up without a dad and have been on my own since i was 8 i made mistakes but that was almost 30 yrs ago but no matter how hard you try they dont get forgoten i wish someone could remember at least one good thing i did because i am a good person now but i am all alone i am not a child molester or a murderi dont drink or do drugs i want to sop smoking so bad but i cant you have to have support and friends and family i have none i am afraid that no matter how hard that kid trys there will be something holding him back something deep down inside

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