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Pope Bans Carla Bruni From Vatican Over Nude Photos {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 17th 2010 12:11AM

That's right. No forgiveness for the pope for a woman. But he and his buddies in long dresses and red hats would be happy to think of some helpful penance if Carla was a male. What loathsome hypocrites in the name of God. Disgusting!

Heidi Klum Hangs Up Her Victoria's Secret Wings {PopEater}

Oct 4th 2010 3:33PM

She is getting off the stage before she is thrown off. Nothing sadder than an old bag trying to look 18.

Worst Sports Father of Year: Tiger Woods {Fanhouse Main}

Jun 17th 2010 4:05AM

David, it must be an incredibly slow news week or do you have some inner guilt about your own sexual behavior. Tiger did some really reprehensible things. and is paying the price. Not enough for you, but it is a huge price. The ridicule, his family's haunting shame, big contracts lost, his game suffered, and we don't know what pain or self hatred he is in. While grateful I don't suffer from it, sexual addiction is a disease like alcoholism, and destroys families. My heart aches for his wife and kids How dare you judge anyone with such arrogance for their illness. In the name of family values. No, he and his family need healing and support. Get off the cross, we need the wood. Your ten minutes of shame can hit anytime.

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