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Hugh Hefner Introduces His Newest Girlfriend: Shera Bechard {PopEater}

Jul 1st 2011 8:10AM

should,'t he gon to jail for abusing children?

Hugh Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep 3-Carat Engagement Ring {PopEater}

Jun 21st 2011 11:28AM

I think crystal deseves the bentley and the carat she had to try to keep (it) up and it would flop try and try again 0000 lips around........

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video) {StyleList (Main)}

May 16th 2011 12:31PM

We all know there is a God. protecting our children by knowing the happening of this child, she has been taken away.

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