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Demi Lovato Reveals She Has Bipolar Disorder {PopEater}

Apr 21st 2011 1:34PM

From what I have read she is not "bipolar". MY mom whos been a nurse for 25 years said the samething. our family doctor whos a family friend whould say the same since he hears alot "I'm Biopolar". I have not heared alot about this just this article so can't really say but Bipolar does not mean one second your mad and then the next your ok. Bipolar last alot longer then a few seconds.

Abstinence Apparel: 'What Would Your Mother Do?' (Photos) {StyleList (Main)}

Apr 20th 2011 4:20AM

ok I get this but it's stupid. This is something parents should teach and not force or ignore. I turn 21 in a few weeks and i'm a virgin but that becuase I was taught do it with someone you trust, someone you care about, or someone you love. My friend have sex just becuase they like it. understandable it's ment to be that way but not like how they do different people a week. I can have sex at any momment becuase of the girls here. I know about 20 or so and only I would only do something with 3 of them but can't since 2 moved away and the other I would love to do it with is now getting married. So shes off limits.

Are Red Rover, Kick Ball and Freeze Tag Risky Summer Camp Business? {ParentDish}

Apr 19th 2011 10:57PM

I love to play games but when my friends came over we went outside for half the time and play these games. We even went to the Church since there were more kids to play with there. They are funny and this is one of the dumbest ideas ever.

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