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Has Mel Gibson Ruined His Career for Good? {PopEater}

Jul 2nd 2010 12:53PM

Mel Gibson has a right to say what ever he wants! This is still America. Everybody Black, white, yellow and all the others say and call each other names. Any one who says they don't is a liar. He is put upon because he is famous. If he was the guy next door nothing would be said about it. His problem is he left his long time wife and kids for something he thought would make him happy and guess didn't! Mel is a good actor and can say what ever he wants, don't like it don't go to his movies. You are not God and you cannot judge him!!!!

Jill Zarin Is Not Leaving 'Housewives of New York' {PopEater}

Jul 1st 2010 7:29PM

What did Bethenny do? She tried to make up with Jill and got shot down. Jill falling on her face was the highlight of the season for me. She thought she was so great and wanted to show off, Splat!!funny as hell. But sadly I have to stop watching because my daughters think that when they are in school or I go out with my friends thats how we act. Can't we get some housewives who are smart and aren't fools.

Jill Zarin Is Not Leaving 'Housewives of New York' {PopEater}

Jun 30th 2010 8:17PM

ive Kelly and Jill their own show where they both have shrinks! I would love to see them on a shrinks couch trying to explain themselves after the world saw how they acted. Oh my god I would even pay to see Kelly try to explain that break down on the trip last season. They would have her in a padded room by week two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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