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Oswald Slept Here: See the Tiny Dallas Room Rented by JFK's Killer {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 23rd 2013 4:28PM

After all the stupid documentaries and raw footage of the assassination,you idiots still think Oswald killed Kennedy???.......Unbelievable!!!!!

Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator' Could Sail Past Immigration Law {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 8th 2012 4:56PM

Yes; all they would have to do is get a small can of bondo to fix that tiny hole in the side....quick fix and there you go!!!!

The world's most powerful women revealed {Walletpop UK}

Aug 25th 2011 3:29PM

You mean; Micky Obama didn't get it this time?...Bet there are some pissed off Islamic radicals somewhere!!!!

Oh yeah; and to change the subject.....Qhadaffi is sleeping at the White House in the Lincoln bedroom with Osama Bin Laden!!!!!

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