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Kanye West Still Using Twitter as Therapy {PopEater}

Nov 12th 2010 1:58PM

judge not..that you be not judged...
a pretty simple thing to live by...

you reap what you sow...
also a pretty simple thing to live by

Forgiveness...we all need it and we all need to give it...
Also, It's usually best to think, use wisdom, before we speak...(no matter who we are...)

Finally: Truth usually finds its way to the surface--accept it, use it and move on...

Tenn. Senate Ad Plays the Race Card {AOL Elections Blog}

Oct 24th 2006 11:38AM

It's so unfortunate that we are still a very ignorant group of people in regards to many things--especially when it comes to race, skin color, etc. It's the most stupid thing -- as though any of us decided our own racial group. The "perverted" thinking is unbelievable, and so very sad, that an "advanced" so-called "civilized" nation of people resort to gutter tactics when they have nothing valid to contribute or to say. It's almost like people using cuss words simply because their vocabulary is so limited that they can't express themselves in a more "civil" way. Get a grip--this is 2006!! How long will people revert to negative name-calling regarding a person's race? Whenever people do it, their own character screams loud and clear -- but of course, I'm guessing they are so desperate that they don't even care. Listen up-- we're all here on this planet -- all colors -- and we'd better just get used to it and GROW UP and find a way to get along or we will self-destruct. We won't have to worry about outside terrorists doing it, because we will do it ourselves. If there were ever a time we truly needed to practice Jesus principles, this is the time!

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