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Donald Trump Emerges as 'Just a Little' Bit Birther {PopEater}

Mar 17th 2011 6:58PM

Enough already.
Obama is a US citizen.
His mother is a U.S. citizen so he is is an American by birth.
John McCain was born in the Phillipines does that also make his birthright uncertain? No, his parents were/are US citizens.
Get over this people ... with everything else going on in the world this is NOT anything worth dwelling upon.

Melissa Etheridge's Ex-Girlfriend Files for Custody of Their Children {PopEater}

Jul 9th 2010 9:46AM

It is always the children who suffer when a partnership dissolves. If marriage between couples - no matter what sex they are -- was legalized then these types of breakups would be divorces with at least some legal precedents already set that would make this more equitable for all concerned.
Regardless of who is prettier or more popular ...

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