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Has Jennifer Aniston Finally Found the Perfect Man? {PopEater}

Jun 4th 2011 12:21AM

Well it appears that when Jennifer Anniston is alone she is miserable and desperately looking for Mr. Right. When she is dating, she is desperate and needy and "bad in bed." How do we know she didn't do the leaving? Maybe the guy wasn't the right guy for her, maybe he was bad in bed. Kind of makes a few posters on here sound shallow if that's your relationship ending criteria. Seriously; bashing this woman seems to be getting obsessive with some people. That must be exhaustive. She is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. How do we all know she slept with every guy she dated? There's more to indicate other people have slept around, then Jennifer Anniston. She looks from my pov to be a woman who won't settle.

Chelsea Handler Admits Abortion at 16, Loathes '16 and Pregnant' {PopEater}

May 25th 2011 12:44PM

Who among us at 16 and often much older, have maturity, have not been selfish or done "disgusting" things? But, a 16 year old pregnant teen and her boyfriend/baby daddy are selfish and disgusting wwhen we glorify it with a t.v. show and send out signals that encourage this behaivor. Whether it's reality t.v. or welfare that provides the financial support these families need; babies are being born to babies who can barely take care of themselves. Chelsea Handler is right on the money with this one. Just for stats here. I am pro choices and had my son before I married his father, we divorced after the birth of our second child and I had little more to give them then basic needs sometimes. Thankfullly I had an amazing mother and emotional and spiritual support system. But in NO WAY was I prepared to be the mother all children need. Those kids on that show need to grow up and focus on the priority right under there noses.

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