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Better Ways to Spend $40 Than on Pajama Jeans {WalletPop}

Jan 7th 2011 9:10PM

It's bad enough people always look like slobs and never get "dressed" anymore, but has society really turned to this? Pajama jeans for women? I've seen kids at church in pajama pants and can't fathom how their parents would allow this?!?! If you sleep the night in a pair of sweatpants, I would think you'd get out of your sleepwear and I don't know, maybe take a shower and change your clothes before going out!!!

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Homework? {ParentDish}

Dec 30th 2010 12:23AM

"ALLOW" one hour of hw? You're not their teacher, your're an idiot. You're the reason your kids can't do it on their own. How pathetic. Teach your kids to get their work done when they get home from school.

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Homework? {ParentDish}

Dec 30th 2010 12:16AM

Oh Please!!!! I can't stand it!!!! Kids are so whiny and spolied and rude!!!! When I was in school, I had my homework and studying completed so that when my mom came home from work, all she had to do was review and sign. Get your kids off facebook, cellphones, texting, Wii etc. Parents, TEACH ur kids to get their work done as soon as they come home! Why can't they do it on their own? It's so pathetic how you raise your kids. Also little Spencer or Ava doesn't need to be in a different extra curricular activity every day! You're the ones driving your kids mad. My kids do as they's taught and they're smart, happy and fit.

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